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Security Training Resources for the Marketplaces Industry

For decades, ICSC has led a task force of security experts that convenes twice annually to discuss current concerns, share best practices and evaluate new technologies. ICSC is also affiliated with the Department of Homeland Security’s Infrastructure Protection Group. As a result of our work with both of these organizations, we are able to share the following resources with our members.

The resources on this page are intended to help retailers, landlords and property owners prepare for active shooter scenarios as well as other security issues that may affect their customers and businesses.

DHS Active Shooter Training

The Department of Homeland Security provides information and training for active shooter scenarios. The Options for Consideration video demonstrates possible response actions, often referred to as “run, hide or fight,” that individuals can take if they find themselves in an active shooter situation. The video also shows how to assist authorities once law enforcement arrives.

Shopping Center Security Training Program

Developed by ICSC in conjunction with security professionals in the retail real estate industry, The Shopping Center Security Terrorism Awareness Training Program teaches security personnel about terrorist and criminal activity that could occur at their facilities. Participants will learn about weapons that may be used and how to assess suspicious behavior, conduct surveillance and properly respond to terrorist or criminal activities.

Active Shooter Retail Training Video

Planning for a crisis situation is essential. If you work in the retail or real estate industries, preparation includes knowing your company’s procedures and policies in order to react effectively to active shooter events. If your company does not have a formal policy in place, this video may help you develop a plan. 

Should Tragedy Strike

Preparation for active shooter situations allows for quick and effective responses to these incidents. In this video, you will hear from retail real estate professionals who were involved in an active shooter incident at their shopping centers. These professionals share their experiences so that others may learn what is needed to create or improve crisis plans.

Organized Retail Crime Prevention

Organized Retail Crime (ORC) is one of the most serious security issues facing the retail industry today. In the past, shoplifters were traditionally independent operators who engaged in petty theft. However, today, groups of highly trained shoplifters have formed criminal alliances that are specifically targeting retailers with staggering results. In the United States, it is estimated that industry-wide losses to ORC total more than $25 billion. This training video is designed to help security personnel recognize suspicious activity that may indicate professional shoplifters are targeting your center.

Managing the “Me First” Generation: Teens in Shopping Centers

Teens can contribute significantly to the bottom line of retailers and retail real estate properties alike. However, there will be times where crisis management techniques for dealing with teens are needed. Nicole A. Lipkin, PsyD, MBA, the co-author of Y in the Workplace: Managing the “Me First” Generation, takes us into the mind of today’s teens and offers practical advice on how to successfully relate to teenagers today. As a business and organizational psychologist, Ms. Lipkin is a sought-after speaker, consultant and coach who worked with ICSC to develop this training.

For more information, contact

Malachy Kavanagh

Executive Vice President, Global & Corporate Development