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ICSC champions small and emerging businesses in getting from business plan to brick-and-mortar. We are committed to helping small businesses thrive with practical tips, tools and guidance.

Creating Your Small Business

Small businesses succeed through careful planning. ICSC covers the steps needed to launch a small business, from business plan to signing a lease. Entrepreneurs can find how-to tips and see what fellow small business owners have done.

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Maintaining Your Small Business

Small business owners give their ventures everything, every day. Dealing with legal and tax issues, finding and retaining employees and keeping customers happy are added challenges. ICSC addresses your concerns with practical, usable coverage.

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Growing Your Small Business

Businesses need to grow to survive, from reaching new customers to diversifying product offerings and from expanding physical space to implementing omnichannel. Find how-to help and examples from other small business owners.

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Funding Your Small Business

Access to capital is the hardest part of starting and operating a small business. ICSC tracks new small business grants, loan programs and investment opportunities to help you launch, expand and run your business.

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Small Business Landlords

Small business owners know their products and their business models inside and out but may lack real estate savvy. Here are guidance, tips and advice for small business owners navigating the marketplaces industry and for smaller landlords.

Expert Advice

Setting Up Shop: A Commercial Space Readiness Guidebook

Introducing our latest small business toolkit for tenants and landlords.

Download the guidebook

Small Business Coverage in C+CT

This Landlord Says Founder Businesses Are the Future of Retail

Sales at businesses still led by their original creators increased substantially over the past year

Read more

TikTok Can Help Landlords Connect with Small Businesses

One way to find small tenants with local appeal.

Read more

3 Small Business Themes from ICSC 2022 Las Vegas

Small business was part of big plans at ICSC Las Vegas 2022.

Read more

For Small Businesses That Have Survived, How to Move Forward

Small businesses have learned lessons and should be able to chart paths to revived growth.

Read more

Post-Pandemic: Permanent Changes in Landlord-Small Business Relationship

Mutually supportive connections between small businesses and the landlords are taking root.

Read more

Small Businesses Surge

There’s rarely been more support for new businesses, though opening remains a challenge for each.

Read more

Omnichannel as Possible for Small Biz as for Chains

It’s now easier to build an omnichannel business, whether for a national chain or a single store.

Read more

Main Street’s Comeback Will Rely on Small Business

There’s broad agreement that robust small business activity is crucial to a full economic recovery.

Read more

Small Business Restaurants That Survived the Pandemic Are Moving Forward

There’s cautious optimism — and no small amount of pride — among restaurants just for having survived.

Read more

DTC, Meet B-and-M: Digitally Native Brands Go Indoors

DTC brands are realizing that physical real estate is complementary, not competitive, to e-commerce.

Read more

How Small Businesses Are Experiencing Today’s Rapid Inflation

People with the lowest incomes suffer the worst effects of inflation. It’s a similar story for small businesses.

Read more

ICSC’s Small Business Consumer Survey

Among U.S. adults, 94% either shop, spend at or use the services of small businesses.

Read more

Small Businesses Resources

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