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New Member Types & Pricing

ICSC now proudly offers new member types and pricing designed to support all Marketplaces Industry professionals at any stage in their careers.

As the member organization for industry advancement, ICSC is committed to promoting and elevating the marketplaces and spaces where people shop, dine, work, play and gather as foundational and vital ingredients of communities and economies.

Questions? Contact our Membership Team at membership@icsc.com.

Join or Renew Today 

Standard Membership: $250 (U.S.) Per Year

Do you or your company own, develop, manage or support the marketplaces and space in which people shop, work, play, dine and gather? If so, you are eligible for this member rate as it applies to companies and individuals from all business categories, excluding retailers or tenants.

Next Generation Membership: $125 (U.S.) Per Year

This membership rate is available to industry professionals who are under 40 years old.

Retailer Membership: $125 (U.S.) Per Year

Is your company’s primary business the direct retail sale of goods or services to individual consumers? If so, this member rate is for you as it applies to the companies or individuals whose business category is retailer or tenant. (Investors and client service providers who are not directly involved in retail or consumer service operations do not qualify in this category.)

Public Sector/Academic Membership: $125 (U.S.) Per Year

If you work for a government organization or are an elected or appointed official, at any level of government, you are eligible for a Public Sector Membership. Please provide us with a business card or sample of letterhead with the city/government seal of your employer. 

Educators associated with accredited colleges and universities are eligible for Academic Membership. Please provide a copy of a current university ID with your application. 

Student Membership: $50 (U.S.)

Full-time undergraduate and graduate students from accredited universities and colleges are eligible for a student membership for the duration of their academic enrollment until graduation. This membership rate of $50 affords students membership until their graduation. With access to all regular ICSC benefits — plus reduced registration rates for ICSC meetings, educational programs and networking events — full-time students from all disciplines and academic majors receive a powerful set of tools and resources to open the door to the retail real estate industry.

Students enrolled at one of ICSC's partner universities receive free student membership. Learn more about ICSC’s University Partnerships Program.

ICSC student membership provides access to:

  • Networking opportunities with industry professionals at any ICSC event, including ICSC LAS VEGAS, at discounted student rates
  • ICSC’s online membership directory with valuable industry contacts useful for networking
  • ICSC’s online Talent HQ, with internship and job listings, a resume database and career learning center
  • Mentorship opportunities with top industry leaders
  • Access to Commerce + Communities Today, covering news and trends in the Marketplaces Industry
  • Proprietary statistical databases and other in-depth studies from ICSC’s Research Department — useful for academic work and industry research
  • A full line of publications, reports and newsletters devoted to the retail real estate industry

To be eligible for student membership, a student must be able to provide proof of full-time enrollment at an accredited university or college. Full-time enrollment is defined as undergraduates enrolled in at least 12 credits and graduate students enrolled in at least 6 credits in semester-based academic programs.*

An individual who is employed full-time is not eligible for a student membership. Certification or licensure programs are not eligible for student membership. Student members with more than 4 years of student membership do not qualify for renewal.

In order to apply for a student membership, a student must provide the following required documents. Students who cannot provide the following documents are not eligible for a student membership at ICSC — there are no exceptions.

Required documents are:

The completed ICSC student membership application form, AND one of the following:

  1. A transcript or course list showing the courses you are enrolled in for the current or upcoming semester. Transcripts in .txt format is NOT acceptable. 
  2. A letter from your college student affairs or admissions office stating that you are enrolled as a full-time student for the current or upcoming semester. This letter must be on school letterhead, display a school seal or logo and contain a signature and phone number of a representative from the admissions office.

*For those students not in a semester-based program, in addition to the above documents, they may submit a letter on official letterhead from the school administration verifying that they are enrolled full-time to confirm eligibility.

Become a Student Member