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ICSC Connect Virtual Series: Top dealmakers on working from home

June 3, 2020

There’s no need for retail real estate professionals to run out of ink printing paperwork at home while their offices are closed. These days, a PDF is as good as an original document for most landlords, McCarter & English partner Edward Butler Jr. said on a recent ICSC Connect Virtual Series called Best Practices for Managing and Closing Deals Remotely. “Some states don’t even require notarization,” he said. Most states now permit remote or virtual witnessing, or notary for leases and other contracts, added Madison Marquette senior vice president of leasing John-david W. Franklin.

Lori Pellegrino, who has been working from home for 20 years, said site visits are what has changed most for her work during the pandemic. As lead real estate manager for restaurant chain Chipotle, she has been checking out new locations via Google rather than in person. Pellegrino also uses Webex secure videoconferencing: “I’ve connected with landlords that I normally would just have phone conversations with before,” she said. “Because not every deal is made in person, I give physical visibility to a landlord I don’t know, and that is helpful.”

The old-fashioned phone call is making a comeback, as well, said Centennial COO Whitney Livingston. “Working remotely has re-emphasized how important being connected with people is. I’ve been picking up the phone more and having a conversation that way versus via text, e-mail or waiting for an in-person meeting that I see upcoming.”

The full ICSC Connect Virtual Series episode is available here (Chrome works best).

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By Brannon Boswell

Executive Editor, Commerce + Communities Today

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