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ESG Center

Environmental Resources

January 1, 2023

ESG Tools

BREEAM: Science-based suite of validation and certification systems for sustainable built environment
BREEAM provides a comprehensive and holistic environmental assessment method for existing commercial and industrial assets in the United States

Energy Management

Energy Star: Overview
Energy Star makes it easy for consumers and businesses to save money and protect the environment, through energy efficiencies

Energy Star Score for Warehouses
The objective of the ENERGY STAR score is to provide a fair assessment of the energy performance of a property relative to its peers, taking into account the climate, weather, and business activities at the property. The result of this analysis is an equation that will predict the energy use of a property, based on its experienced business activities.

GSA Sustainable Facilities Tool
This tool helps property owners and managers make sustainable decisions during the renovation process

Environmental Calculators

US Green Building Council's Calculators
A collection of calculators for assessing building energy efficiency and managing other environmental topics associated with the built environment


Introduction to GHG Accounting
ICSC’s beginner’s guide to The GHG Protocol is a global accounting standard that establishes standardized frameworks to measure greenhouse gas (GHG) emission

Accounting and Reporting of Financed Emissions from Real Estate Operations
Technical guidance on Scope 3 emissions for real estate loans and investments, supplementing general GHG protocol guidance

Lifecycle Assessment

The business case for building LCAs
This guide clarifies key principles of LCAs in the real estate context by explaining the business case for conducting LCAs on buildings or real assets


Sustainability Metrics: Translation and impact on property investment and management
UN Environment Program report provides a framework for a corporate real estate sustainability management system for property investment and management organizations


How2Recycle: a standardized labeling system
This recycling labeling system communicates recycling instructions to the public. It involves a coalition of forward-thinking brands who want their packaging to be recycled and are empowering consumers through smart packaging labels


Introduction to Climate Risk Disclosure
ICSC’s beginner’s guide looks at the Task Force on Climate-Related Disclosures’ guidance for organizations seeking to implement and disclose a climate strategy along standardized guidelines

Sustainability SWOT Analysis Tool
The sustainability SWOT is designed to help drive action and collaboration on environmental challenges creating real business risks and opportunities

Sustainable buildings

Description of and extensive resources pertaining to LEED certification, planning, and assessment

Waste Management

Solutions to improve waste management in retail stores
A quick but thorough review of key waste drivers and some solutions to combat and reduce waste generation from these activities

Water Management

Water Topics – EPA
A list of material water topics compiled by the Environmental Protection Agency