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Women’s fertility and health services provider opening more clinics

September 10, 2019

Kindbody, which offers a range of women's health, fertility and wellness services, is opening brick-and-mortar clinics.

The lobby of Kindbody's new flagship, in New York City

The company opened its third and largest clinic to date this month, in New York City’s Flatiron District. Kindbody, whose stated mission is to improve accessibility to women's health services and to redesign the experience for greater responsiveness, says it raised some $22 million to date from big-name venture-capital firms. Since its launch in August 2018, the company has served thousands of patients in New York City and San Francisco and opened four brick-and-mortar clinics and two mobile fertility clinics. The company also has plans for two additional clinics by year-end.

An exam room at Kindbody's New York City flagship

Kindbody customers can schedule clinic appointments and book such services as nutritional and mental-health counseling. "We're increasing [the] accessibility of these services by meeting women where they already are,” said founder and CEO Gina Bartasi in a press release. “Fertility treatment has historically been for the top 1 percent, and we're on a mission to change that by making it more affordable — and more convenient — for more people."

“This is an opportunity to raise the overall quality of care”

Besides the range of fertility and gynecological care services, Kindbody also offers return-to-work coaching. The company says it wants to end the fragmentation that may exist in this type of care by bringing all of it under one roof and by investing in technology for a seamless experience.

"This is an opportunity to raise the overall quality of care," said Lynn Westphal, the company's chief medical officer, in the release. "People stay away from the medical system when they feel like it isn't designed for them. Kindbody's more-approachable solution is what the future of health care looks like."

By Brannon Boswell

Executive Editor/SCT

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