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How Temporary Touring Art Installations Impact Placemaking

March 14, 2023

By Alexandre Lemieux, Creos

Cities and towns worldwide are using art and technology to transform public spaces into places of convergence and human connection. Temporary art initiatives, especially playful ones, create enormous short and long-term impact. They also make public spaces, neighborhoods or even cities more sustainable. A successful annual program maintains momentum by creatively retaining people’s interest. Art installations that utilize technology, storytelling and performance invite humans to play a critical role in transforming the spaces they occupy into something special.

The Value and Impact of Placemaking

An exciting recent study from The Creative School at Toronto Metropolitan University, The Daniels Corp., Lemay, Entro and MASSIVart presented 598 participants with office spaces, outdoor courtyards, lobbies and transit stations to measure the difference in responsiveness to locations with and without placemaking interventions.

The study found that at locations with interventions, key engagement metrics increased.

Potential benefits of these findings are vast, including:

  • increased sales
  • productive use of space
  • social wellness of community
  • expansion of environmental sustainability

Watch this video to learn more.

Why Should Managers and Owners Present Temporary Art Installations?

They bring spaces to life. Interactive art installations encourage community gathering and engagement at public spots. With a boost in social media coverage, they improve visibility, public perception of destinations and long-term brand awareness.

They increase economic impact. Interactive installations create unique and engaging experiences, which help make neighborhoods buzzworthy, increase pedestrian traffic and expand revenue for both hosts and surrounding businesses.

They create community hubs. Such installations help managers and owners enhance the conversations about their destinations. They serve as ambassadors for communities, creating memorable moments and long-lasting social ties through accessible interactive art.

Why Creos?

We are destination makers, bringing creativity to everyday life. Since 2016, it has offered communities award-winning touring art installations designed to give visitors exceptional sensory and interactive experiences that transform spaces into unique gathering places. Creos democratizes art and delivers meaningful experiences. As such, it works closely with managers of various public spaces, helping them choose the right artwork for their particular populations and their needs. Creos strives to make a difference, one community at a time, and takes care of everything, so you can relax and enjoy.

Creos at a glance:

  • over 300 projects worldwide
  • installations in 100 cities, 14 countries and four continents
  • more than 8,800 days of unparalleled experiences in public spaces

Just choose your installation. Creos provides:

  • marketing support
  • worldwide transportation
  • setup and teardown
  • overall exhibit maintenance

Creos takes care of everything…so you can relax and enjoy.

Connect with Creos by emailing Naomi Adler.