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Half of Americans use click-and-collect: Report

June 12, 2019

A new ICSC survey indicates that some 50 percent of adults use click-and-collect. Of those, 61 percent say they use it frequently — at least once per month. And its popularity increases: Nearly as many (47 percent) say they use it more often now than they did a year ago.

“The use of click-and-collect demonstrates the ongoing convergence of physical and digital,” said Tom McGee, ICSC's president and CEO. “Consumers want options when making their purchases, and the retailers who are offering the most channels are seeing more purchases being made.”

Indeed, click-and-collect shows that having an online store augments in-store sales: Nearly 70 percent of click-and-collect users say they buy additional items from the retailer at whose store they pick up an initial online order, while 60 percent make a purchase at some nearby store. The primary reasons consumers cite for utilizing click-and-collect are: no delivery fees (49 percent), receiving purchased items more quickly (40 percent) and the assurance that items will be available when shopping in-store (33 percent). 

Consumers are willing to wait up to one day for in-stock items to be available for pickup (85 percent say so) and up to two days for out-of-stock items (70 percent). Once consumers do begin using click-and-collect, they tend to remain loyal to it: An overwhelming majority of consumers (96 percent) who say they utilize it will then continue doing so. Click-and-collect shoppers say they care about receiving the correct product (57 percent), about receiving product-status notifications (53 percent) and about the ability to pick up items quickly (50 percent). 

Thus, click-and-collect appears to be an investment in both the physical and the digital — offering a seamless experience for the consumer as the line between the two continues to blur, and as convenience and technology increasingly define retail trends. 

By Brannon Boswell

Executive Editor/SCT