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Can AI Help Us Connect More?

May 15, 2024

When ODYSY Media asked ChatGPT to explain the shopping center business to us, part of the response included the investment in creating vibrant, profitable destinations that attract shoppers, generate income and maintain a balance among tenant mix, amenities and overall experience to ensure the long-term viability of a center.

Let’s make the investment in learning more about how artificial intelligence tools can assist with those goals and more! We’ve all seen the articles on AI tools like ChatGPT, Gemini, Midjourney and Claude 3 Opus and how they are changing the industry like this JLL report on AI’s implications for real estate or this CBRE podcast’s episode on deploying AI in commercial real estate.

Here are a few takeaways ODYSY Media had from a recent international communications conference, the NAB Show with 61,000 registered attendees, where AI was the hot topic.

1. AI has been here, is here and will continue to grow into different ways of being used in every industry.

Brands are using AI in different ways. AI as we know it will just continue to be implemented into many areas of business, including marketing assets and the content-creation process. It will help either with logistics and automating certain tasks or on more creative approaches. It’s moving fast!

2. This is new, so there will be challenges depending on your systems or user error.

AI systems require large amounts of high-quality data to function effectively. It matters, and there are differences in the free and paid versions. If you need to integrate existing systems, having the talent, expertise, interpretability and ongoing training can also be a factor. Try them out with careful planning. Collaboration across departments and a commitment to ongoing learning is key.

3. Lean into AI. Ever since ChatGPT 3.0 came out, ODYSY Media has been keeping up on AI news.

Put it to work for you! How can AI help you do your thing better? In the content world, you can expand by adding elements to an image or generate new content using text-to-image, draw-to-image, image-to-image or image-to-video, with a much-anticipated text-to-video game changer on the way in Sora AI.

Want to put AI to work for you and make your vision come to life? Connect with us for more, and continue the research and discussion on AI on ODYSY Media’s YouTube video comments, found here.

(BTW parts of this article were written by AI, with a human touch.)