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Small Business Center

7 Tips for Effective Leadership

October 5, 2021

By Angel Cicerone, Tenant Mentorship

As CEO of your business, you will need to manage your own education, information flow, inspiration and passion. Being an effective leader means keeping yourself at the top of your game, not just in business but in spirit, as well.

The key to success is sustainability. What can you do to maintain high levels of passion for your business? First, take ownership of the fact that you are responsible for maintaining your passion. If you don’t nurture yourself, it won’t be hard to let employees, clients or colleagues suck you dry.

  1. Make “what if?” your favorite question: What if I hired a different person to do that job? What if I bundled my products differently? What if I changed my workflow? Consistent questioning of your concept and processes will lead you to new and better solutions.
  2. Don’t work in a vacuum: Studies show adults produce 65% to 93% more ideas in groups, so find passion partners or form an informal advisory board by identifying friends and colleagues who are, in your opinion, passionately curious. Preferably, they will come from different industries and backgrounds. Arrange to meet with them on a regular basis and use these meetings as forums where participants are invited to throw out the biggest, best and dumbest ideas. No judgments allowed. You’ll all share tremendous energy and inspiration.
  3. Allow yourself time away from the day-to-day minutiae: The biggest killer of big thinking is the mundane. If you can, delegate some of the daily chores. If you can’t, schedule time to get away from them. Even if you take an hour a week to think quietly and create, you will reap the rewards.
  4. Manage your expectations: Few things are more detrimental to success than expecting more than is realistically possible at a given moment in time. I have worked with owners who were doing quite well for their particular stage in business but because they had such lofty expectations, always felt defeated.
  5. Self-motivate and find inspiration: There’s a certain amount of isolation that goes along with being a business owner. You and you alone are responsible for the majority of the decision making and certainly the hard work of leading by example. It can lead to burnout. Business ownership is draining. You have to constantly replenish your soul with information and inspiration. Whether it’s through reading, keeping a journal, practicing yoga or trying new experiments with your business, keep a constant flow of new information and experiences going that will help trigger ideas, creative energy and new perspectives. Create your touchstone by envisioning what your life will feel like when you have reached your business goals.
  6. Get out of your store: Successful retail ownership requires a 360-degree view of the world. Because retail requires you to spend many hours in the store, it may prevent you from benefiting from different perspectives, so get out, network, join a community group, go on field trips, see what the rest of the world looks like and use that new information to help grow your business.
  7. Treat yourself with respect: You are, after all, the CEO. Treat yourself as well as you would someone who works for you. Be kind. Be complimentary. Be appreciative of all the things you do. Being the top dog doesn’t mean working like one. Commit to doing what it takes to keep your head clear and your passions ignited. No one wants to work for a crazy person. Least of all, you.

This article was originally published at https://www.angelcicerone.com/angels-blog.