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Small Business Center

15 Ways to Get Unstuck

June 13, 2022

By Angel Cicerone, Tenant Mentorship

Sometimes, you just feel stuck about what to do next with your business. Here’s a list of talking points: little, bite-size nuggets to get you thinking big and help you stay inspired.

Examine Your Vision

We all start our businesses with one idea, but it’s important to continually look at ways to improve and expand that vision. Is it compelling? Has it evolved over time? Is it time to adjust? Am I missing an opportunity?

Avoid the Transactional Mentality

Business success is built on relationships, not trading cash for products or services.

Create a Wow Factor

Create the business you’d want to patronize! Aim to surprise and delight your customers every day.

Take Ownership of Your Numbers

All of them! Your financials, your traffic, your average sale, your web performance, your Facebook likes. All these numbers provide powerful information about your business and offer keys to new opportunities. Benchmark. Analyze. Repeat.

Commit to Being a Lifelong Learner

Take field trips. Research other industries for ideas. Know your competition as well as you know your own business. Read everything!

Be Hyper-Focused

Know your audience and target with laser precision. You should be able to put a name, an age and a story behind your ideal avatar.

Find a Niche. Fill It!

The long tail is powerful and profitable. If you don’t know what the long tail is, read the book. It might be the best investment you make this year.

Embrace Process

Like any journey, the path to prosperity requires an orderly series of steps. No magic bullet required.

Try Lots of Things

Failure is the first step on the road to success. Try. Test. Measure.

Remember, There Are No Boundaries

Think outside the store.

Know What You Know. Know What You Don’t Know.

No one expects you to know it all. You are expected, however, to get professional help with the things you don’t know.

Are They Buying What You’re Selling?

Be sure you’re speaking the same language as your customer. Ask them what they like about your store. You might be surprised!

Become Passionately Curious

Make “What if?” your favorite question.

Be a Collector of Ideas and People 

Let other people’s ideas inspire you. Understand that everyone has a place in your success.

Make a Decision

Are you going to manage and grow your business or make a living? If your business depends 100% on you, you don’t have a business; you have an income. Either one is fine, but once you decide which path you want to take, most decisions will become clear.

Small Business Center

ICSC champions small and emerging businesses in getting from business plan to brick-and-mortar.

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