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ICSC European Volunteer Committees

European Innovation Committee

The European Innovation Committee supports and accelerates the business transformation of the retail property industry by giving members the tools to envision and realize retail spaces of the future.

  • Chairman: Guillaume Sadoux, Apsys
  • Vice-Chairman: Karin Cabili, Dropit Shopping 
  • Vice-Chairman: Jocelyn Fillard, Sud Architects 
  • Vice-Chairman: Jens Heitland, IKEA Centres 
  • Vice-Chairman: Antonio Pavlovic, State & Brook 

European Investor Committee

The Investor Committee provides ICSC members with opportunities to network and discuss key investment issues, analyse trends and examine potential new markets.

  • Chairman: Henrike Waldburg, Union Investment

European Leasing & Retailer Committee

The European Leasing & Retailer Committee brings together leasing representatives from landlords and expansion/real estate representatives from retailers for twice-yearly meetings. Key objectives include discussing trends in retail and retail real estate leasing and identifying opportunities for collaboration in the future.

  • Leasing Co-Chair: Mark Barrett, Head of EMEA, Cross Border Retail Agency, Cushman & Wakefield
  • Retailer Co-Chair: David Ives, Head of New Markets, Primark Property at Primark Stores Ltd.

European Legal Committee

As investors and retailers increasingly operate across borders, the European Legal Committee aims to promote a greater understanding of pan-European retail property laws; share knowledge and discuss legal matters; and support our members entering new markets.

  • Chairman: Bertrand Courtois-Suffit, Director, Mall & Partners

European Marketing Committee

The European Marketing Committee gives members an opportunity to come together for professional growth, to strengthen relationships with their industry peers and to share their expertise. Key projects being worked on by the marketing committee are benchmarking and strategic marketing.

  • Chairman: Evelyne Nossing, CBRE Global Investors
  • Vice-Chairman: Paulo Alves, Multi Corporation
  • Vice-Chairman: Gwen Youlden, Cushman & Wakefield
  • Vice-Chairman: Priscilla Tomasoa, Redevco

European Research Group

The European Research Group (ERG) was founded in 1997 and brings together a network of retail research professionals from across Europe to discuss the latest trends impacting our industry and to consider the future of retail real estate. The ERG aims to facilitate and promote the sharing of knowledge and experience as well as to guide best practices. ERG also supports the development of industry benchmarking and standards.

  • Chairman: Alex Petit, Landsec
  • Vice-Chairman: Marrit Laning, Redevco

European Retail Asset Management Committee

The Retail Asset Management Committee acts as the voice of the asset management retail industry. Asset management is defined as a business plan for the continuous management of one or more assets that combines a multi-disciplinary approach (including technical and financial) over the life cycle of the investment in the most cost-effective manner to protect and enhance asset performance and value.

  • Chairman: Raoul Thomasson, Multi Corporation
  • Vice-Chairman: Kasper Deforche, Wereldhave Belgium

More information?

If you would like to receive more information about ICSC European committees and other volunteer leadership opportunities, please contact us at icsc.europe@icsc.org or +44 20 7976 310.